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Definitions, published by Bennion Kearny is my first novel, and my first published book.

I have been published and commended for short stories and novel extracts in a number of publications including the Writers’ Forum, the Fish Short Memoir Prize, Chapter Checkers, Subtext Magazine, The Lancashire Evening Post, Know Magazine and academic journals. I was also a finalist in the Writing on the Wall Pulp Idol contest leading to publication in an anthology ‘Pulp Idol Firsts 2014 ‘ available in Waterstones Liverpool One and on Kindle. I have a Masters in Writing from Liverpool John Moores University.

Other publications include ‘Dancing at Discos and Holding Hands on Day Trips’, a short story about a father with learning difficulties, in academic Journal, Argument and Critique

The dystopian Drought was published in The Subtext Anthology, which is available on amazon for kindle.

So what do I write about in my fiction?  A recurring theme with me seems to be loss.  But I do this in a variety of ways. Yes I deal with death and why not, it’s something we should get better at talking about, but I also explore loss in terms of a father who has missed out on years with his children due to his learning difficulties, in another case a woman who feels she has lost out on life due to her position as a carer.

Other stories explore losing a parent, but the effect years later as well as the initial grief, people who lose themselves in relationships for bad or good and the loss of innocence of a teenager involved in a gang with violent repercussions.

Overall I look at what loss, in many forms, does to us and even what we can gain through it.  This is deep and important but I try to tell it with a light, and sometimes humorous touch. These stories are based on both my experiences and extensive research.

 ‘And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.’ Sylvia Plath

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