Write a story with Neil Gaiman at Guardian Books

My post for Write a story with Neil Gaiman at Guardian Books

Neil Gaiman has provided the opening line of a new story and below is how I finished it:

It wasn’t just the murder, he decided. Everything else seemed to have conspired to ruin his day as well. Even the cat.

Jamie blamed the British summer, or lack of it. He had counted on it to help him, not conspire against him. The three to five day window of sun each year made people stupid. It gave them the confidence to bring out white winter legs that weren’t used to warmth. It made them blind themselves with bright clothes and sunglasses. It made them sprint down pavements and skip down streets. It certainly made them less cautious when crossing roads. But he hadn’t counted on the cat.

Sarah stepped out into the street in her ‘sunnies’ with her legs in a short orange summer dress and a smile as bright and as stupid as the sky. His knuckles went white against the steering wheel. Five years they’d shared together so he knew her routine. But he hadn’t counted on the cat.

Also made stupid by the sun, blind and giddy, it ran out from between two cars. The thud surprised him and automatically he stopped the car. Sarah paused, turned to the ball of ginger fluff lying on the floor and then looked up at him. Jamie lowered the cap covering his head which shielded part of his face and reversed the car down the street, knowing that she wouldn’t recognise the old, battered Ford he had purchased but hoping that she hadn’t recognised him.

He would come back. This was a murder for another season.

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